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Professional Makeup Kit for Makeup Artists – Where to Start?

Makeup Kit Essentials Products

So a lot of budding and aspiring makeup artists write in to me and ask what to put in their professional make up kit, what tools they need exactly etc. Of course, every makeup artist is different and they will tailor their kit according to their individual needs and the needs of their clients. But I thought I would do a post on the basics as a guide for any budding makeup artists of the products I always have in my kit and most of us should. I did a bit of research and honestly could not find pretty much anything on professional makeup kits for make up artists, so here goes…

Makeup Artist Kit Essentials

– Baby Wipes –

go for the fragrance and alcohol free kind. They are brilliant at removing makeup and cleansing the skin and can be used on all skin types. I buy them in bulk at the supermarket and they work out to be very reasonable. Do not get sucked into purchasing the expensive branded types. Baby wipes are extremely effective and are all you need, plus they are suitable for all skintypes including super sensitive.

– Makeup Remover/Cleanser –

– opt for something that’s SLS free and gentle, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is a great choice and is widely available from most pharmacies.

Adore Beauty PRO tip: Mix a little bi carb soda (about a teaspoon) with your Cetaphil Cleanser and use as an exfoliator/mini peel. This combination is used and loved by makeup artists all over the world!

– Eye Makeup Remover –

– something super gentle and effective. The last thing you want to be using is something that requires a lot of pulling on the skin. I use Bioderma Crealine  H20 Solution because it works a treat and is hypo allergenic.

– Moisturiser –

– again, go for fragrance free so it’s safe for all skin types. Cetaphil has some nice basic skin moisturisers. Make sure you have the option of one that’s oil free and SPF free (no zinc oxide, no titanium dioxide) Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream is another favourite which is no easily available in Australia from Makeup and Glow, yay!

– Lip Balm –

– Lip Scrub –

– Hand Sanitizer –

– Brush Cleaner –

– I get the hideous green bottle of Isocol with the crocodile on the front and water it down. Make sure you water this one down so it doesn’t destroy your brushes over time. This can also be used to sanitise hands and clean products with. I’ve only ever found this at Safeway/Woolworths.

– Cotton Pads –

– Cotton Tips –

– Tissues –

– Disposable Mascara Wands/Spoolies –

– there are some really shonky ones out there, try and get some good ones and loads of them. Remember, don’t double dip, one wand per eye. These days you can get some really good ones with a nice big tip/

– Disposable Lip Gloss/Lip Stick Wands –

– if you prefer these to a lip brush.

– Tweezers –

– invest in a high quality pair of tweezers like Rubis or Tweezerman. They will make your life SO much easier.

– Manicure Scissors –

– Nail File –

– Eyelash Curler –

Tweezerman do a corner lash curler that is the BOMB! It can get right in the outer and inner corner of the lashes and really give them a good curl. Highly recommended.

– Lashes –

– I always, ALWAYS carry false lashes with me, individuals and bar lashes.

– Lash Glue –

– Duo or Ardell are good ones. They also come in black which is handy.

– Makeup Sponges (if you choose to work with sponges) –

– Hair Clips –

– I use the silver hairdressing ones. They are easy to use and if you have to pin straight hair back, you can slip a tissue under there easily to stop it from creasing the hair.

– Hairdressers Cape –

– Spatula –

– Breath mints or breath spray –

– Dental Floss –

– Deodorant – 

So this is my list! I hope I haven’t left anything out eep! Coming up, I will be doing a few more posts on kits following the requests I’ve been receiving. Brushes, product etc.

Are there any products you can’t live without in your kit? Let PRO know! We love hearing about what other makeup artists use in their kits 🙂

Love Katerina xx


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  • Elisha

    The Bioderma is fantastic. I recently purchased the new Cetaphil Advance moisturiser and I love it- really hydrating, feels beautiful but doesn’t make my skin shiny or clog pores.

  • Hayley

    I second that Elisha! Lovvveeee Bioderma Crealine!

  • Diem

    What is your Isocol to water ratio recommendation?

    • Katerina

      Hi Diem, I use 2 parts Isocol to one part water. Always make sure there is more Isocol than water – Katerina x

      • Diem

        Thank you!