Why I’m Using A Men’s Shampoo Right Now

I’ve been obsessed with Christophe Robin’s original Cleansing Volumising Paste for a while now. Known for its signature rose scent, I didn’t think you could get a better-smelling shampoo. Then I smelled the new Cleansing Thickening Paste, I was transported to heaven. If you enjoy masculine fragrances, you’ll love this woody, amber blend. A post shared […]

The Only Product I Wear On Makeup-Free Days

This little trick of mine is almost guaranteed to banish ‘you look tired’ comments from your life. Do other people insist on asking if something’s wrong when you’re bare-faced? Come on people, haven’t you ever seen a pale person before?! Give us a break. With the help of a single product, I’ve managed to get […]

Is Sugar Replacing Salt As The Essential ‘Beachy Waves’ Ingredient?

Without fail, I’ve always got a salt spray on rotation. That’s my secret to creating my signature waves – I use my wand to curl my hair, then I spritz my salt spray before brushing the curls out. Voilà! Beachy, undone waves that actually stay put for days. But it’s true that salt sprays can […]

The Vegan-Friendly Brand Making Contouring Simple!

For some of you, contouring is sooo 2015 – yet despite the copious amount of contouring tutorials on YouTube, I still have people ask me how to contour. Not the typical Instagram-girl contour, but a more natural, novice-friendly version. So here we are! And I figure while we’re at it, let’s cover the vegan and […]

Anti-Pollution Is The Latest Skincare Buzz Word

I can’t say I’m surprised that anti-pollution is the skincare buzz word of 2018. Pollution is fast becoming another environmental contributor to poor skin health and accelerated ageing – so what exactly can we do to combat it? You’re probably familiar with Clinique’s renowned Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+. Already available in a multitude of different […]

Does Your Hair Need Rehab?

We all know colouring our hair has the ability to cause some serious damage to our locks. Most of us have probably experienced the dryness or breakage often associated with having colour-treated hair (especially if we neglect it). A post shared by Matrix (@matrix) on Mar 23, 2018 at 6:35am PDT How Does Colouring Cause […]

Makeup That Actually Looks After Your Skin

I often get asked to recommend makeup suitable for problematic skin types. Whether it’s acne-prone skin, or skin affected by conditions like rosacea – finding a suitable product that won’t exacerbate those concerns is sometimes a game of trial and error. That’s where my favourite skincare brand comes in. Luckily, asap also have their pure […]