Why I’m Using A Men’s Shampoo Right Now
Joanna Fleming

I’ve been obsessed with Christophe Robin’s original Cleansing Volumising Paste for a while now. Known for its signature rose scent, I didn’t think you could get a better-smelling shampoo.

Then I smelled the new Cleansing Thickening Paste, I was transported to heaven. If you enjoy masculine fragrances, you’ll love this woody, amber blend.

Tell Me More:

I know you’ve read the headline – so to confirm, yes this shampoo is technically made for men. But that certainly doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy it too.

– Instantly cleanses & densifies fine or thinning hair types

– Transforms from a paste into a richly lathering foam

– Gently cleanses the scalp & hair while adding significant volume & body

– Formulated with 95% naturally-derived ingredients

– Leaves hair noticeably fuller both at the roots & lengths

– This is a vegan-friendly & cruelty-free product

– Did I mention it smells ah-mazing?

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How Is It Different To The Cleansing Volumising Paste?

So the main difference apart from the fragrance that I noticed, was that the Cleansing Volumising Paste (made for women) is probably more suited to longer hair.

The Cleansing Thickening Paste for men did deliver on all its promises. It’s amazing for creating texture, volume and body, so in my opinion, it’d be great for not only shorter men’s styles, but shoulder-length or shorter women’s hair.

The Key Ingredients:

Pure Rassoul Clay: absorbs impurities on the hair and scalp, while adding fullness and body to the roots.

Tahitian Algae: helps to invigorate the scalp for improved circulation and vitality, and densifies the hair. Continued use will leave hair visibly stronger and thicker, and will assist in maintaining scalp health.

Sucrose: is a natural sugar derivative used for its hydrating and potential smoothing properties.

@billiejeanreed after her Cleansing Thickening Paste treatment at @christopherobinparis salon


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Is Sugar Replacing Salt As The Essential ‘Beachy Waves’ Ingredient?
Joanna Fleming

Without fail, I’ve always got a salt spray on rotation. That’s my secret to creating my signature waves – I use my wand to curl my hair, then I spritz my salt spray before brushing the curls out. Voilà! Beachy, undone waves that actually stay put for days.

But it’s true that salt sprays can be drying on your hair. So what’s the alternative? Sugar, of course.


I’m Listening…

I’d like to introduce you to Pureology’s new Beach Waves Sugar Spray. Part of the latest Style + Protect range, this non-drying texturising spray makes beachy, tousled waves that much easier to create.

– Allows you to style beachy waves without the crunch or stiffness

– Leaves the hair soft & touchable with a natural wavy texture

– Pureology’s Anti-Fade Complex protects the hair from UV & environmental damage

– Has a pleasant summery fragrance that lightly scents the hair

– Prevents dryness & colour-fading that can be caused by salt sprays

– Contains multiple protective & hydrating naturally-derived ingredients

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The Key Ingredients:

Sugar Cane Extract: contains antioxidants to provide protection from the elements, while creating soft waves & texture

Sunflower Seed Oil: acts as a natural moisturiser infused with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which nourish and hydrate the hair.

Raspberry Fruit Extract: rich in antioxidants, this ingredient works to protect the hair from environmental damage.


★★★★★ Amazing Lara

“I love how this product contains sugar instead salt because I find that salt usually dries my hair out. This product gave me incredibly natural yet voluminous waves!”

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This Is The Blonde’s Essential To Cool Colour
Joanna Fleming

Blondes may have more fun, but they also spend a hell of a lot more time maintaining their colour. Having recently lightened my hair again, I know all too well that brassiness creeps up on you, and suddenly you’re drowning your hair in purple shampoo to reverse it.

But blondies, there is a product that could make your life a little easier – evo’s fabuloso colour intensifying conditioner.

Why Is It So Good?

If you’re a bottled blonde, this two-in-one treatment toner may just change your life for the better (or at least save you some time and money).

– Maintains, enhances & extends the life of colour-treated hair

– Has a super nourishing formula to help repair, condition & add shine

– Instantly tones & intensifies hair colour, like a treatment & toner in one!

– Revitalises the appearance of blonde hair & restores sheen

– Removes brassiness & yellow tones as it’s enriched with violet & blue hair colourants

– Ammonia and peroxide-free so it’s gentle on the hair & scalp

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Who’s It For?

The platinum blonde variation of this conditioner (evo’s best-seller) is designed for dull, dry, colour-treated blonde to very blonde hair. It neutralises brassiness and yellow tones to achieve a clean, or cool blonde tone. This conditioner is also available in different colour variants, including chestnut, light beige and copper.

How To Use:

On clean towel-dried hair, disperse 4-8 pumps of product, depending on the length of the hair,  using a comb or your fingers. Leave on for three minutes before rinsing until water runs clear. The treatment can be used weekly to maintain hair colour.

What Does Everyone Think?

★★★★★ Amazing!  Kate

“This product is incredible. Completely removed all of the brassiness and yellow from my hair. I have tried so many products and have never had results like this. Will definitely be buying again and again! Thank you evo!”

★★★★★ Like magic  Becky

“This conditioner is like magic. Every time I go to my hair dresser I tell her I don’t want any brassy yellow tones in my hair, and I always end up with it! But when I started using this product not only did it remove all the brassy yellow!!! My hair went a beautiful colour and it felt in beautiful condition. I recommend this product 100 percent. It really is magic.”

★★★★★ Excellent!! – Ash

“Wow! I watched my yellow, brassy blonde turn into a beautiful natural white blonde after the first wash! I had my best results from putting the conditioner on my dry hair, leaving for a minute or so, shampooing then placing the product on my wet hair for around 3 minutes. It truly is a blessing!! Love it!!”

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Does Your Hair Need Rehab?
Joanna Fleming

We all know colouring our hair has the ability to cause some serious damage to our locks. Most of us have probably experienced the dryness or breakage often associated with having colour-treated hair (especially if we neglect it).

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How Does Colouring Cause Damage?

I’m not trying to discourage you from going blonde or covering greys, but I do want to stress the importance of taking special care of your hair if it is colour-treated.

For the colour to take to your hair, the cuticle must be lifted in order to penetrate the hair shaft, which happens through a series of chemical processes. These processes can be particularly drying and damaging on the hair, causing more sensitised hair types to experience complications like breakage, brittleness and dryness.

So, how do we repair this damage? I’ve got an affordable solution just for you.


Introducing Matrix Total Results Re-Bond Trio:

This collection (which you can buy here for under $50), is designed to restore hair damaged by chemical processing. This trio features a shampoo, pre-conditioner and conditioner to bring over-processed, damaged hair back to life.

Step 1: Re-Bond Shampoo

– Contains Citric Acid to help cleanse the hair from product build-up

– Leaves the hair primed & prepared for deep repair

– Fortifies hair weakened by chemical processing

– Restores strength, smoothness & manageability to damaged hair

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Step 2: Re-Bond Pre-Conditioner

– This is an ultra-intensive weekly nourishing formula

– Contains Maleic Acid to reconnect and reinforce the hair’s weakened bonds

– Helps to build up resilience & increase shine

– Supports smooth, lightweight body, bounce & movement

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Step 3: Re-Bond Conditioner

– Contains Taurine which seals in moisture to repair & protect

– Acts as a repairing conditioner for damaged hair

– Restores soften & shine while detangling the hair

– Leaves hair feeling strengthened, revitalised & smoothed

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What’s The Verdict?

★★★★★ I love this set – Macee

“I have had some hair issues due to my health and this has helped my hair out so much. I had been bleaching and colouring my hair previously and with the health issues I lost a lot of hair and it got really thin. This has helped with split ends a ton and it moisturises my hair without making it feel weighed down or oily. If you have lots of damage from chemicals I would try this for your hair!”

★★★★★ A real hair gem – Kristy

“I have long straight hair that is fairly easy to manage, but I do get a lot of split ends no matter how many products I use to avoid them. I got a sample of the Re-Bond Trio and loved it so much I restocked immediately. My hair actually feels like it’s been to the doctors after use.”

★★★★★ This set works miracles – Chloe

“I’ll never go back to a different set of shampoo and conditioner ever again. If you have chemically damaged hair and are in desperate need of some sort of miracle to bring your hair back to normal again, this is what you need. I’m completely in love and more than just satisfied with this line of products.”


Buy Matrix Total Results Re-Bond Trio Here


The Every Girl’s Guide to Effortlessly Textured Hair
Danielle Chee

Blame it on salty, sunshine-filled snaps of European holidays monopolising my current Instagram feed, but anything that promises hair reminiscent of a beach holiday is a nice compromise to get me through the rest of winter.

I often look for an easy solution to hair styling that looks just-the-right-amount of done. Think: laid-back, ‘piecey’ texture that you so often see on French girls (sans that crunchy effect). Here’s where Oribe’s Matte Waves Texture Lotion enters the picture.


Why you’ll love it as much as I do:

This emulsion has a leave-in-conditioner feel to it and a similar after effect – soft to touch hair rather than brittle strands coated in product.

– The formula distributes easily throughout hair

– Allows you to achieve texture without drying the hair out

– Helps create enough grip for styling (eg. up-dos and braids)

– Has a matte finish with medium hold

– Provides the hair with UV protection

– Suitable to use on colour- and keratin-treated hair

– Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free

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The Key Ingredients:

Brazilian Nut Extract: high in fatty acids & Vitamin E to protect the hair from damage

Watermelon, Lychee & Edelweiss Flower Extracts: defend the hair from environmental aggressors

Tara Plant & Yacón: heals & nourishes damaged hair and helps to thicken strands

Wave Resin Complex: provides texture & hold while combating frizz

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How To Use:

1. Start with damp, towel dried hair

2. Pump a 10c piece into your fingertips and massage through mid-lengths to ends

3. (Optional) Twist or plait hair in sections to achieve a natural-looking curl

4. Air dry for best results, scrunching as you go to define natural texture

5. (Optional) If you’re short on time, use a blowdryer with a diffuser and ‘scrunch’ as you go to achieve that matte, soft movement in your hair.

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What’s everyone else saying?

★★★★★ This product is amazing – Kimberly

“I have mostly straight Asian hair so I didn’t know what it would do for me.  But I would apply it to my damp hair and let it air dry, and my hair would look soft and gorgeous with definition.  It’s a great anti-frizz and air-drying hair product and I love that it’s cruelty-free.”

★★★★★ I love it so much! – Megan R

“I was hoping I wouldn’t love this product due to how expensive it is, but I love it so much!!! This product works wonders for my lob hairstyle. I apply to damp hair, let my hair air dry, and can throw in a couple of curls with an iron and I am good to go! The best part is that this product helps to keep my waves for days! Wonderful scent too. Highly recommend (if you’re willing to spend the money), and would repurchase.”

★★★★★ A little bit goes a long way – Lee

“This product is just as advertised. Also, a little bit of product goes a looonngg way. I have fine, colour-treated hair and this gives my locks extra oomph. I like that after I put on the lotion I can either let my hair air dry or I can use a blow dryer. My hair looks great either way!”

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Why I’m Loving This Colour-Protecting Shampoo
Joanna Fleming

My main hair concern jumped quickly from volume to colour protection recently. I’d forgotten (after a long time of not colouring my hair) how hard it can be to maintain your colour.

My hair has a tendency towards brassiness no matter what, so colour maintenance is at the top of my list when I’m choosing haircare. That’s how I stumbled across David Mallett’s Shampoo No.3 La Couleur.


Tell Me More:

Haircare usually doesn’t excite me as much as skincare and makeup does, so when I find a hair product I actually love, I usually stick to it. And that’s exactly what happened with this shampoo. I’d tried David Mallett’s No.2 Le Volume shampoo, so it made sense to switch to his colour range when it launched recently.

– It’s a high-performing salon-quality formula

– Specially designed to cleanse & condition colour-treated hair

– Helps to corrects the chemical processes for long-lasting colour

– Unlike many colour shampoos, it doesn’t weigh down the hair

– Delivers structure to the hair fibre while nourishing the hair

– Leaves it shiny, soft & touchable

– It’s tinted light pink thanks to natural tomato extract

– Made with 95% naturally-derived ingredients

– Bottled in David Mallett’s signature chic monochrome packaging

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The Ingredients:

Raspberry vinegar: rich in vitamins, nutrients & antioxidants to protect your colour from fading. Can also help to balance the pH levels of the hair.

Organic tomato extract: also rich in antioxidants to protect the hair from environmental damage, while offering hydrating benefits.

Grape seed extract: again high in antioxidants and fatty acids like Vitamin E and linoleic acid. May also help to encourage hair growth.

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My Verdict:

This shampoo impressed me the first time I used it. No, not just because I love anything pink. It lathers up well, and it’s lightly scented with rhubarb so it smells lovely.

It leaves my hair feeling really thoroughly cleansed, and it pairs well with my toning conditioner. I instantly noticed my hair was softer and shinier after using this shampoo, and my colour takes a lot longer to go brassy (and it also tolerates being coloured really well).

If you’re in the market for a colour protection shampoo, this is my personal recommendation.

Buy David Mallett Shampoo No.3 La Couleur Here


Want The Results Of A Blowdry But Can’t Master Your Technique?
Joanna Fleming

Nobody in real life can actually professionally blowdry their own hair, can they? Kudos to you if you’ve mastered the tricky technique, I just don’t have the physical endurance to manage both a round brush and a hairdryer at the same time.

If you love having your hair blowdried at the salon, but like me, can’t do it yourself, I’d like to introduce you to BaByliss PRO Elegant Ceramic Hot Air Brush (aka, the only tool you need for a salon-quality blowdry).


All The Details:

– Makes hair styling quick & easy with a professional-looking finish

– Smooths hair, tames frizz & creates fullness & body

– The medium 32mm barrel makes it perfect for creating volume & movement

– Features a powerful 700W engine & tourmaline-ceramic coating on the brush barrel

– It has a two heat/speed setting, and comes with a professional-length 2.7m cord

– Glides easily through the hair & is super easy to manoeuvre

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How To Use:

For the best results, I’d recommend using the BaByliss PRO Elegant Ceramic Hot Air Brush on semi-dry hair (just blast it for a minute or two with your hairdryer until it’s just slightly damp).

Section your hair into relatively small portions, and place the section of hair over the brush, wrapping it around the barrel once, gliding it through your hair, and repeating, until the section is dry and styled.

If you’re wanting to create volume and body with the Hot Air Brush, and you want your style to stay, I’d recommend using a styling product like KEVIN.MURPHY Hair.Resort.Spray in your hair prior to styling, and finishing with a light hold hairspray.


My Verdict:

I really was a little sceptical of this brush when I first saw it, and I didn’t really believe you could get the results of a salon blowdry from using it. Boy, was I wrong. In just 15 minutes, Shanthi’s hair (above) was transformed from frizzy and lifeless to bouncy and full of shine. I saw it with my own eyes, guys!

BaByliss PRO Elegant Ceramic Hot Air Brush is a great option for finer hair types or those with short styles wanting to create lasting volume and movement. It’s really easy to get the hang of, and it’s really light too. In my opinion, it’s a great investment for under 80 bucks!

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