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Award winning Illuminating cosmetics, Designed for the Goddess based on ancient sacred formulations. Eye of Horus is an Australian brand of colour cosmetics based in Byron Bay. 

The iconic Eye of Horus range takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptians who wore eye makeup because they believed that it offered magical power and protection to the wearer. Ingredients selected from the past include rice bran, bees wax, candellila and carnauba wax, castor oil, lavender flower, star anise extract, evening primrose oil, and the revered ancient Egyptian organic moringa oil. Moringa oil – oil of the Pharaoh’s – was found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Cruelty free. Paraben Free. Natural and Organic ingredients. Highest quality performing products to make every woman feel like a true Goddess. Awaken the goddess within.

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Eye Of Horus Goddess MascaraEye Of Horus Goddess Mascara
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara


This mascara has good consistency. The colour suits me as well. Definitely recommend.
Eye Of Horus Brow Fibre ExtendEye Of Horus Brow Fibre Extend
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Brow Fibre Extend

Natural browsing

I have mid-brown, very sparse brows that I've wrestled with since I first realised that brows are an important part of the make-up regime.

So, I'm forever on the lookout for 'do it all' products that will allow me to swipe and go, while delivering a dramatic enough brow to frame the face with minimal effort.

I'm not sure if I expected too much from this product, but it definitely fell a little short for me. If you already have definite eyebrows and you're looking for a little extra somethin' somethin' and something to set them for the day, this would be a gold star product for you.

For the rest of us in the sparse-brows-through-no-fault-of-our-own community, we'll need to combine this with brow powder or pencil. It looks fine, but it's an extra step that I'd love to eliminate from my routine. Not ideal, but certainly a first world problem I can live with until the next brow wonder product comes along.
Eye Of Horus Award Winning Box Set - BlackEye Of Horus Award Winning Box Set - Black
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Award Winning Box Set - Black

not bad

very smooth and pigmented but very pricey for just and eyeliner so not sure if id repurchase
Eye Of Horus Goddess PencilEye Of Horus Goddess Pencil
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencil

Eye Pencil

Good to use as it stays on all day and doesn’t smudge

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