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evo easy tiger smoothing balm 200mlevo easy tiger smoothing balm 200ml
evo easy tiger smoothing balm 200ml

Good for frizz

This is a good leave in treatment for really frizzy hair. Really helps to smooth the hair down and make it nice and manageable
evo day of grace pre-style primerevo day of grace pre-style primer
evo day of grace pre-style primer

Love this product

I have extremely fine hair that resists most attempts at styling. This has been a great option, as it gives my hair some lift without making it stiff. It holds shape and stays wonderfully soft, not frizzy, even with a blow dry. I love it.

No fuss beach day!

I have a lot of long long wavy/slightly curled hair that has its own mind and this is an amazing find! It helps me achieve that wild beach look that all the ‘salt/surf’ sprays just can’t. Washes out pretty well which is a big bonus, and smells amazing. Great tub for travel.
KEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider Texture PasteKEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider Texture Paste
KEVIN.MURPHY Night.Rider Texture Paste

Brother loves

I used to buy the bumble bumble sumo tech for my brother but recently got him this instead - he loves it and is never going back. He has unruly hair which is quite textured cut wise - this makes it looks awesome. Will be putting one in his next Christmas stocking for sure.

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