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The original makeup authority with an unparalleled cult following. With products informed by makeup artistry expertise, M.A.C Cosmetics has been at the forefront of fashion for over 30 years. M.A.C Cosmetics is known the world over for being the leading professional makeup authority.

Every global beauty phenomenon has to start somewhere, and M.A.C was created out of a need for makeup that photographed true to life. Makeup artist and photographer Frank Toskan and salon owner Frank Angelo began creating their own cosmetics in their kitchen, selling them directly to fellow makeup artists as well as models as photographers. Before long, stylists and fashion editors were avid customers and the first M.A.C counter was launched in a Toronto department store in 1984.


M.A.C has always been more than a makeup brand - from its commitment to cutting edge makeup trends and technologies to the sense of community and social justice, M.A.C pushes the boundaries of what a makeup brand can and should be.

M.A.C Cosmetics celebrates diversity in all its forms, championing individuality and creating products for all ages, all races and all genders. Across the globe, the community of M.A.C Cosmetics makeup artists are proud to bring this vision of creativity to life.

A staple backstage at fashion shows around the world, M.A.C is continuously innovating in the realm of makeup artistry. Never settling, M.A.C are known for setting trends and their unique collaborations that draw inspiration from all areas of life, whether from fashion, art or popular culture.

Social responsibility is also a core tenet of the M.A.C philosophy, with initiatives such as Viva Glam and the M.A.C Aids Fund raising over $400 million to date, partnering with celebrity spokespeople including Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj to raise funds and awareness.


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M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize SkinfinishM.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish


Best highlighter ever! Love it as a base for my eyeshadow too. So gorgeous and subtle. I think this type of shimmer is suitable for older ladies too. Sparkle without looking like mutton dressed as lamb.
M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish NaturalM.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural


Love this pressed powder and have been using it for a few years now. Mattifys nicely and has excellent medium coverage. Doesn't get stuck if I have dry skin. Definitely recommend.
M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+

The lavender is very calming

I find this setting spray works extremely well with helping highlighter and some eyeshadows pop. The lavender scent is very calming and it does set the face.
M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow X 9 - Amber Times NineM.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow X 9 - Amber Times Nine
M.A.C Cosmetics
M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow X 9 - Amber Times Nine

Disappointing quality - unlike full size

I bought this thinking it would be the ideal travel palette but the quality really lets it down. It's definitely not the same formula as the full size. Some of the shades are much better than others in terms of performance, and also in terms of colour - there's some very dull colours in here I can't imagine looking good on anyone. I use a couple of the darker shades to fill in my brows because I hate waste but this is a dud product, I would pass.

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