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Our skin is actually our largest organ and it’s been shown to absorb over 60% of what we put on. You must’ve heard nasty chemicals ingested can have ill effects but we’ve got to remember what we put on is just as important!


Looking for high quality, organic and natural ingredients in products is the first step to making sure we’re doing ourselves (and our loved ones!) justice. When looking for products for the body and in the bath, be careful to consider what you’re purchasing.


At Adore Beauty, this is important to us so we’ve put together our selection of the best organic and natural brands we’ve partnered with. You’ll find natural ingredients in these moisturisers, washes, scrubs, sunscreens deodorants, nail polishes and more.


What ingredients should you look for when you have dry skin?

  • Shea Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Glycerin
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Avocado Oil


Read more on moisturising organic and natural ingredients in our guide

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Recent reviews on Bath & Body (Organic & Ethical) products

Jao Brand Goe OilJao Brand Goe Oil
Jao Brand
Jao Brand Goe Oil

Fantastic but price is too high

I’m in love with this but not in love with the price! It’s really great but I can’t justify the money! :(
Eco Tan Organic Invisible TanEco Tan Organic Invisible Tan
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Organic Invisible Tan

I like it!

Not bad, the tan colour isn’t very prominent but it’s still nice and feels really lovely. I love this brand and the products always work really well in my skin!
Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Lovely product, lovely brand!

Scrubs absolutely all the dead skin off and really helped with acne. Great product and this brand is very very good!
Eco Tan Organic Coconut Body MilkEco Tan Organic Coconut Body Milk
Eco Tan
Eco Tan Organic Coconut Body Milk

Smells and feels great

This is LOVELY. I love body milks and this one has to be my fave. Smells so yummy too.

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