Priori is a brand at the forefront of biotechnology. Helmed by a team of skincare industry veterans, Priori takes an advanced approach, ensuring that each and every formula understands the intricacies of skin. Designed for all ages and all skin types, Priori products reveal your very best skin.


The new generation of Priori products are carefully formulated using the latest technology to recognise your skin’s individuality and provide you with exactly what you need when you need it. Priori’s adaptive skincare is a solution that understands the complex communication system of your skin, and all products are formulated to read your skin and decode its own individual needs for replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery.


The Priori range features three different types of Adaptive Solutions:


Core (fx1) - Go-to products with the perfect combination of recovery, nourishment and protection so you can go about your day, and night, knowing you are doing the best for your skin. Adaptive Core formulas give real-time benefits that you can see and feel.


Superceutical (fx2) - These formulas contain highly advanced biotech compounds for visible corrective benefits. Carefully developed so that skin pulls only what it needs when it needs, for more radiant and hydrated skin.


Natural (fx3) - Filled with the best nutrients nature has to offer, Priori’s range of mineral-rich formulas shield and restore skin from the stresses of daily environmental damage. Foundations formulated to provide broad spectrum sunscreen protection, brushes for perfect application, and a finishing powder that maintains your look all day long.


Priori products are Peta-certified Cruelty-Free.

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Recent reviews on PRIORI products

Priori Mineral Skincare SPF15Priori Mineral Skincare SPF15
Priori Mineral Skincare SPF15

Great mineral powder!

I love using this mineral powder on my skin. Doesn’t give me any breakouts and the coverage is quite nice as well. The colour was a bit darker than expected but matches my skin nicely when I have a fake tan on
Priori LCA fx110 Gentle CleanserPriori LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser
Priori LCA fx110 Gentle Cleanser

Fantastic everyday cleanser

This cleanser has served me incredibly well over the years. I love this brand and its the only brand i trust for consistency. The cleanser is gentle yet highly effective based on all the active ingredients it contains. I will forever use and recommend this product.
Priori LCA fx160 2xfoliant Peel + ScrubPriori LCA fx160 2xfoliant Peel + Scrub
Priori LCA fx160 2xfoliant Peel + Scrub

Best scrub I've ever used!

This scrub has the best consistency and doesn't feel too harsh on your skin, you only need a small amount as is very safe to use twice a week. Its the only thing that has got rid of my blackheads. I love this product and hope i will always be able to have access to it! it truly is amazing and lasts forever and forever!
Priori LCA fx140 Barrier Restore ComplexePriori LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complexe
Priori LCA fx140 Barrier Restore Complexe

Best moisturiser

This moisturiser is perfect for everyday use. You only need a little bit and it goes a long long way. I have been using it for about 5 years now and i will trust or use anything else. The list of ingredients in this product are amazing and i always get asked what i use of my face, and all i use is priori products.

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