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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12% 200ml

4.5 of 334 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58


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Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

Skinstitut Glycolic Cleanser 12%

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4.5 of 334 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worked straight away
Recently I have been suffering from very oily skin and after doing some research decided to try this cleanser. After only using am & pm for 2 days I have already noticed a dramatic difference in how much oil my skin is producing. If it continues this way this will be my forever cleanser!

Most Helpful Criticism

Okay product - unsure if it has helped with acne
This is an okay product. It has quite a milky texture and does not foam. I have not seen a difference in my oily skin/acne but it is cleaning my skin quite well.
  1. Great for T-zone

    This product worked almost immediately after use. I have dry combination skin, but very oily and acne prone on the t-zone area. The ingredients are very effective and free from nasties. I am very impressed with this and will be re-purchasing as it really does work!
  2. Worked straight away

    Recently I have been suffering from very oily skin and after doing some research decided to try this cleanser. After only using am & pm for 2 days I have already noticed a dramatic difference in how much oil my skin is producing. If it continues this way this will be my forever cleanser!
  3. Gentle product

    I received a sample of this in my latest Adore order. Scrub is great on my sensitive skin and does not dry it out.
  4. Basic Cleanser

    I use to use this often as a basic cleanser, probably best for younger skin. I use in the shower now and my husband uses it.
  5. good cleanser

    I use this on alternative nights with the gentle cleanser. I have combination skin with breakouts. This doesn't dry my skin too much (but make sure to use a moisturizer) and it helps me with acne. It has a bit of a gritty texture which I feel exfoliates my skin. Overall a good cleanser.
  6. Okay product - unsure if it has helped with acne

    This is an okay product. It has quite a milky texture and does not foam. I have not seen a difference in my oily skin/acne but it is cleaning my skin quite well.
  7. Good scrub didn't dry out my skin

    Scrub felt nice, a little grainy, after use my skin was smooth and soft. I was worried about the product drying out my skin as I have sensitive skin but it didn't. Highly Recommended
  8. Soft and gentle

    This cleaner is a really nice addition to my morning routine. It doesn’t have any exfoliating beads in it however once you have dried your face, you can feel just how soft it’s left your skin.
  9. Amazing!

    I use this with the skinstitut gentle cleanser as my second cleanse each night. It works wonders at clearing my skin, and it honestly feels amazingly soft afterwards. The only thing I would say is that is can dry out your during winter if overused so I just tend to use every second night, and make sure to add a hydrating product in to my nighttime regime. Another product of Skinstitut I can’t live without!
  10. Great for blocked pores

    I received this as a free gift (love Adore Beauty!!). I found after using it over a couple of days it made my dry skin feel quite tight so I gave it to my 13 year old son who has blocked pores around his nose. It was really effective and probably suits oily skin or oily T-zone rather than drier skin.
  11. My skin has never been better

    Love my skin care regime with skinstiut. The glycolic cleanser leaves my skin feeling so clean after a long day. My skin is very oily and becomes quite congested. This cleanser has changed my life!
  12. Definitely Worth It!

    I don't say this often but this would still be a bargain at twice the price!

    A little goes a long way and it works! Fresh clean skin. No redness and no irritation. I have so many issues with cleansers on the market where the "cure" is worse than the complaint.

    I've sensitive skin and have issues with perfumes but this agrees with me just fine! Teamed up with Rosehip oil, vitamin A serum and moisturiser at night and I've never felt so fresh!
  13. Great in combination with the scrub

    I recieved this as a sample and I would buy again. I use it in combination with the Skinstitut scrub, which I use 2-3 times a week. This is great on on the alternate days - still a thorough cleanse but not too harsh.
  14. Fantastic for the price

    I have been using this cleanser daily for about a year on my oily skin. I have noticed a big reduction in break outs, I only really get them hormonally now much less severe then before. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight or stripped of all natural oils, I love this for the price and it lasts a really long time! I will continue to repurchase.
  15. Hands down best moisturizer for dry skin

    This is hands down the best moisturizer I have ever used. I have naturally dry skin and prone to excema. Leaves my skin soft and smooth every time
  16. Good for blemishes

    I have acne prone skin and this cleanser helps to clear up my skin. I use it every evening and I can already see the difference. Definitely recommend.
  17. Really good for oily/combination skin

    I use this product during the summer months when my skin becomes quite oily and greasy and i find it really helps manage the excess oil over the hotter months of the year. It can be strong if your skin isn't too oily, so i only use it a couple of times per week. Would recommend to anyone with combination/oily skin issues or even acne.
  18. Great cleanser

    A really good cleanser with a good percentage of glycolic acid. Leaves my face feeling soft, i have only been using it for a week so i havent seen too much of a difference when it comes to my pigmentation issues, but nevertheless a really good everyday cleanser
  19. Love it

    After several years of trying several different facial cleansers, I think this is one I will stick with! I found no change to my skin with many other (more expensive) brands, but this definitely seems to be helping keep my skin clear. Very happy with Skinstitut!
  20. amazing

    this worked wonders clearing my congested skin and any breakout i have
  21. going on to my third bottle

    This is such a great cleanser for people who have congested skin but don't want that real drying tight effect when cleansing. I am not oily I would say more normal slightly combination and this cleanser does not dry my skin out at all but it really helps to reduce the appearance of my congestion and keeps my pores clean! I love how its a cream not a gel and you literally only need a pea size so last ages
  22. Great cleanser

    I use a few of the skinstitut cleansers and they are all equally amazing. They really clean your face and pores. I always feel so fresh after I use them. Only once a week though!
  23. So good

    I suffer from blackheads and after using this they have minimised drastically !
  24. Refreshing cleanser

    Really great exfoliant to be used every second or third day.
    Wouldn't recommend if you have sensitive skin.
    Great for removing the dirt and grime off your face and feels like it gives a deep clean!
  25. Great cleanser

    This is very good for acne prone skin. Best part is it doesn't completely dry out my skin right after using it (as a lot of anti-acne cleansers do). It makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

    The only down-side is that I hate the smell. It smell very chemical-y.
  26. Great Product

    Absolutely love this product! Always leaves me with clean and hydrated skin. Excellent for removing makeup and oil as well
  27. Effective cleanser

    I was using the L-Lactic Cleanser for a while, and as I was still breaking out I looked into the Glycolic Cleanser which was said to be good for breakouts. So far I like it, and I like how it has teatree for its anti-bacterial properties. I think so far it's been effective and I would recommend it to people who have blemish prone skin.

    This is such a good face wash!!! it makes my skin feel so clean and soft, it definitely gets all the dirt out and even helps clear my acne I love this so much
  29. Love it

    Love this product!! Have been using it for years and it always makes my skin feel so smooth. I also love using it when my skin is feeling dry and bumpy and just in need of a good scrub
  30. Great cleanser for acne prone skin

    Great cleanser for acne prone skin. Helps exfoliate and deep cleans leaving my skin very smooth
  31. Quality product that offers results!

    I have combination skin and I tend to get large block pores on my nose, chin and forehead. I have been using this product in the shower every second day for about 6 months and my pores have drastically reduced. I use in conjunction with a retinoids sebum and my skin feel so soft and smooth.
  32. Good exfoliating option

    for my sensitive skin, this cleanser is a good option for exfoliation rather than having to use scrub because I have acne prone, sensitive skin. Overtime, I didn't really see the result, but gave 4 stars because it didn't irritate my skin and a great feeling when it touches my face
  33. Excellent exfoliator

    I am in my early 30s and use this product twice a week. I don't think it has helped clear any breakouts however it does seem to help with getting rid of dead skin, ease some congestion and fade scaring.
    I regularly use quite a few products with strong actives so prefer not to use this more than twice a week so I don't over do it.
  34. Perfect for combination skin

    I received a small sample of this product and after using for a few days I fell in love. It makes my skin feel so smooth and left it so clean. I purchased a bottle and was amazed how quickly it cleared up my temperamental skin. I have sensitive skin and I thought this product wouldn't be for me but so far I have been loving it. My skin is clear and using the cleanser once a day has made my skin feel great.
  35. Amazing!

    I’ve always been one to constantly switch cleansers as I’ve never loved love any. Acne prone, oily congested skin.
    Love this, removes make up and leaves skin clean but not dry or tight. Defiantly been helping keep breakouts at bay too.
  36. A must

    I got the small tube of this and loved it straight away. Im mid 30’s and have relatively normal skin. Bought the big one and wouldn’t be without it. Straight away your skin feels fresh after use. Sometimes I use it to give my feet a scrub too. If you leave it on for a little bit it works harder. A little goes a long way. Great value.
  37. I use this everyday without fail

    Skin type: combination
    Skin concern: Dull, Dry skin, blemishes on jaw line
    I love this! I use it daily (& I double cleanse at night if I wear make up that day) & it leaves my skin feeling so fresh!
    I put the cleanser on with wet hands while my face is dry & I find this is the best way to really buff off my make up! I had a lot of blackheads on my nose before starting this cleanser & the glycolic scrub which are no longer there!
    Wouldn’t recommended to those with sensitive skin but perfect for everyone else!!
  38. Great product by amazing Australian brand

    Love this cleanser, I use it every second day. It's creamy in texture and you can just feel the glycolic acid if u leave it on for 30 seconds.
  39. Great exfoliator!

    I can see why this is so popular! I’ve received a couple of samples of it and it definitely clears out pores brilliantly!
    The only thing stopping me from buying it is I already use Liquid Gold from Alpha H and don’t want to over exfoliate my skin. But definitely a great option for those who like a deep exfoliation!
  40. Amazing

    I have combination skin type. This cleanser works wonders. It gradually clears my acne. I use it every evening and saw a huge difference. My skin is clearer than before. I also use it with the scrub. Perfect duo. Amazing!
  41. Good cleanser

    I have combination sometimes oily skin and this did a great job cleansing and removing makeup. I use the 14% as well but found that the gentle cleanser and the 12% works the best for me.
  42. the only cleanser I'll use

    absolutely love this cleanser along with the scrub, keeps my skin feeling smooth and soft.
  43. Great Cleanser!

    I started using this daily after a visit to Laser Clinics Australia, along with the glycolic scrub which I'd use every second day.. in hope that it would help clear up my acne and it sure did! I now have lovely clear skin thanks to these two products! I now only use it about twice a week to help maintain my clear skin!
  44. Helped my acne/pimples a lot’

    Helped with my acne so much. I found this can be a little bit too harsh sometimes but once or twice a week it definitely helped with my pimples. Amazing product!
  45. Love this in summer

    Great for cleansing my oily skin in summer and warmer months.
  46. Great product

    Until I reached my 30s I hadn’t suffered with breakouts, now it’s a frequent occurrence on my face, neck, back and shoulders. This cleanser has helped reduce the breakouts but when they do occur it removes them fast. I don’t use it daily so it also lasts quite a while,
  47. Great for sensitive skin

    This cleanser is a great alternative to the glycolic scrub if you have sensitive skin. I really like this and it has improved my acne. I use every second morning and can really see the results and find it great to apply and not too harsh.
  48. Fresh and clear skin

    I normally use the 14% scrub but this one I find is gentle enough for everyday use. You only need small amounts on damp skin. I use mine on already cleansed skin. I use this in the morning everday after a gentle cleanser but use the 14% in the evening 2x a week.
  49. Great results

    Using this product to help with acne of face and keratosis pilaris on upper arms and seeing good results especially on arms.
    Product hasn't irritated my sensitive skin.
    It doesn't really foam up so feels a little difficult to use on larger areas but other than that I'm really happy with this product
  50. Amazing

    I use the skinstitut gentle cleanser as a first wash and then use this after. When I first tried this I wasn’t completely sold but give it some time and you’ll love it! I find that all of these products last so long as well
  51. Accidental purchase but not disappointed!

    I accidentally purchased this cleanser instead of the glycolic scrub but I’m kind of glad I did! I can really feel it exfoliating my face without being too harsh which I think the scrub would have been. I have combination skin and find this dries me out if I use it daily but overall a good product.
  52. Like it

    I have combination/oily skin. This product works exactly as it says. It makes my skin feel really clean and soft. The breakout I have are gradually settling. However, this cleanser can dry my skin out so I always make sure to hydrate my skin. Overall, love this product.
  53. Thank you Skinstitut

    Skinstituts glycolic and lactic acid cleansers are AMAZING. I have found my skin has gotten way clearer from using gentle acid exfoliators and double cleansing - no more physical exfoliation for me!

    I find this particular cleanser can be a touch irritating (I have sensitive skin, most likely because I was over exfoliating for years because that's what I thought I had to do to help my breakouts and congestion), so I use it a couple of times a week on my face and every other day on my body. It is really helping with the little blemishes and in-grown hairs I get on my legs! I am going to go back to the lactic acid cleanser for my face for every day and keep using this for my body.
  54. Great for normal/oily skin types

    Having used to have quite oily skin and breakouts, this stuff is a lifesaver. I started using this product (in conjunction with the Glycolic Scrub) 2x a day. After 3 weeks noticed my skin was less irritated and oily. 2 years on and I’m still using it. I now only use it 1x a day (in the evening) and water in the morning. No more breakouts or oil - It’s brilliant!
  55. No nasty breakouts

    I used to get alot of breakouts I've tried almost every face cleanser on the market and nothing has helped my skin they either break me out more or dry my skin out, this one has been the best, skin feels clean and i haven't had any more breakouts since.
  56. Smooth skin

    I have normal to dry skin so I don’t use this product on the regular but I feel it would be great for anyone who is oily. I use it in conjunction with a cleansing brush about once a week for a chemical and physical exfoliation and it leaves a smooth clean finish (though for me it leaves it a bit tight) but I do find it helps my serums and moisturisers absorb more effectively.
  57. Great cleanser.

    It’s been just over a week now roughly that I have been using the cleanser & I can tell my skin is thanking me for using it. My skin feels so soft! I am noticing the difference from before use till now with less blackhead breakouts over my nose & on my chin. I love it so far.
  58. Beautiful, gentle cleanser

    I have been using the Skinstitut L'lactic Cleanser which is beautiful but still had some congestion on the forehead... have been using this cleanser for a week now and feel it's helping. Also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  59. Cheap but effective!

    I have used the more expensive Aspect Purastat Cleanser as my skin is breakout prone, and while it is an amazing product, this Skinstitut cleanser does exactly the same thing without the hefty price tag. Definitely recommend. I have had great results from it.
  60. You'll notice results

    I have converted so many people to the Skinstitute brand and they have thanked me over and over since! This is a gentle exfoliator; my skin looks brighter after use and keeps my skin soft. It exfoliates the skin gently, I don't have dry or tight skin after. Have been repurchasing since 2016, along with the gentle cleanser and other serums
  61. Not a bad cleanser

    Bought this product for my acne prone skin but it hasn't really done much for my skin in regards to preventing acne. It does a great job of cleansing my skin but I have yet to notice any effects on my acne. I have stopped using it for a couple of months but still have a fair bit of product left so will start using it again. I am interested in seeing whether there will be some noticeable improvement in my skin this time round.
  62. Great

    I like this alot but I think the lactic cleanser is a little bit easier on the skin. This is great for acne and congestion, definitely helped me a lot!
  63. Surprisingly gentle

    Great cleanser for in between use of the scrub. Leaves skin bright and fresh. Love it
  64. Best Cleanser Ever Used

    Only cleanser where I have noticed a complete change of my skin! Helps settle my breakouts and reduces my pigmentation. Took a while for it to start working though.
  65. Amazing!

    I’ve struggled with blackheads for as long as I can remember but since using this daily I don’t get them anymore, I can’t believe it! My skin is dry but sensitive so manual exfoliators make me break out. This does the job without causing any irritation whatsoever.
  66. Fantastic!

    My facial congestion has improved out of sight since I have been using this product!
  67. Great product

    I’ve been using the lactic cleanser for about three months this is step two for me. It’s great and cheap
  68. Great product

    I’ve been using the lactic cleanser for about three months this is step two for me. It’s great and cheap
  69. Great Exfoliator

    I had used this product for quite sometime a couple years ago. I would only use it every second day or so. After using it it would feel as through I had given myself a mini facial. It would leave my face feeling smooth and my complexion would appear ‘glowing’. At the time my skin concerns included of break outs and congestion, and found that it cleared up my skin considerably. My skin concerns are now generally my oily t-zone, currently using the alpha-liquid gold, but once that is finished I am going to start using this again. But probably only 1-2x a week.
  70. Love

    This cleanser is great! Love how clean and fresh my skin feels when I use it. I have sensitive skin and its fine for me
  71. Really loved this

    This is such an amazing product, does what it says without drying my skin out, leaves my skin soft, suple and glowing
  72. Best cleanser ever!

    I love the consistency of this cleanser- every time I wash it feels like a full deep clean and my skin is left feeling refreshed. Helps a lot with my combination oily skin and noticeably reduces my breakouts
  73. Saving Grace!

    I started using this product a week ago after I broke out in horrible cystic acne on my cheeks and neck. It started working it’s magic within 24 hours. I only use it once a day (at night) and after I have removed my makeup with the gentle cleanser (which I also love!). I also use the glycolic scrub every 3rd day. I finish with a tiny shake of vitamin C powder mixed with the even blend serum and my skin is actually clearing! I am so impressed by these products and highly recommend especially for acne prone pigmented skin like mine.
  74. My new go-to cleanser!

    Love this cleanser! I use it daily in the shower and it leaves my skin fresh and clean. Since using it I’m finding far less dry flakes and my breakouts are much smaller. The bottle size is huge and you only need a pea sized amount so it lasts for ages. The scent is from the tea tree oil which isn’t the most pleasant but it doesn’t stick around.
  75. Super effective and easy to wash off

    I’ve been using this cleanser for a couple of years now. The tube lasts a really long time and the product itself is great. I use it in the morning and to wash off my makeup in the evening. I love the consistency
  76. Best cleanser I’ve used

    I bought this product as it was a little cheaper than my previous cleanser and I’m glad I did! It has definitely improved my skin and I’ve had minimal breaks out since using it. I love that it comes in a big tube and lasts a long time. I have since bought it again love it
  77. my go-to cleanser

    I love this cleanser so much, it really has helped clear up my skin. Works well, helps take makeup off. Lasts me quite a while as well which is always great. Would 100% recommend. If your skin is sensitive like mine, I would recommend swapping it out with a more gentle cleanser like a lactic acid cleanser every couple of days.
  78. Amazing range! great for people that have acne with PCOS

    Out of all the products I have tried (including antibiotics and prescription ointments), this is the only one that would actually clear my acne caused from having PCOS!
  79. Love

    I LOVE this product so much and have repurchased it many times. You don't know soft, clean skin until you have used this cleanser. I recommend this to everyone!
  80. Feels harsh

    I love that it has such a high amount of AHA's but the grains put me off, it feels uncomfortable to use and I wouldn't call this a cleanser. To use this around the eye area would be painful. Ive resorted to using this maybe once a week when I need a deep exfoliation.
  81. Amazing visible results

    Skin improved very quickly. Small bumps under the skin almost gone. Pigmentation dramatically reduced. Overall skin texture has improved
  82. Go to cleanser

    I’m a mum in my mid 30’s with combo skin. I needed a cleanser that really cleaned my skin without stripping it. This is my 100% go to cleanser! My Perfect product that cleans and makes your skin feel great after. Would highly recommend
  83. It's ok for face, good for areas of laser

    Look its ok, the beads are pretty big and they definitely don't feel luxurious by any stretch of the imagination. I have since switched brands and use this on the areas I get laser hair removal.
  84. Fantastic Cleanser for acne prone skin!

    I had really bad acne, and this cleanser is pretty much the only thing that cleared it up. I have oily, acne prone skin and I saw results within a week of using this and the skinstitut range. I cleanse twice morning and night and it works great!
  85. Best on the block

    One word
    I just love this cleanser! I have suffered from pigmentation and slight sun damage for about 3 years and this stuff is the goods, I use it twice a day ( morning & night ) and it doesn't dry out my skin, it helps fight congested skin and keeps my face looking fresh :)
  86. Love this product for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin

    Love this cleanser and exfoliant - I use it every other day and find it cleans my skin and helps with breakouts.

    I've been using this for months now and have noticed it brighten my skin, helps fight active breakouts and also prevent acne and blackheads and, what I love most, is that it doesn't irritate or burn my sensitive skin.
  87. Great cleanser

    I use my gentle cleanser everyday and then 2-3 times a week follow with glycolic cleanser and it really helps with my combination skin.
  88. Great cleanser

    I have sensitive skin but also 'normal' (not dry or oily). This product is great to use as a daily cleanser, both morning and night. Not much product is needed so the tube lasts quite a while.
  89. Amazing cleanser

    This has been my go to cleanser for two years now and I do not look back. Works so well, my skin has cleared significantly since I started using it and its great, not too drying and lasts me up to four months per bottle which is great value for money. Highly recommend.
  90. Great!

    I use gentle cleanser everyday and find the glycolic gives my skin an extra clean feeling when used a couple of times a week.
  91. Best cleanser

    I love this cleanser, i have acne prone skin and this is great at reducing my current acne and preventing more from forming.
    I use this morning and night- it doesn't dry out my skin either.
    I love this paired with the 14% scrub
  92. Really Really Love This Product!

    I can't recommend this product enough! I have oily skin, uneven skin tone, open pores and I've been prone to acne lately. Within a week of starting this product I saw results. 3-4 weeks in I'm still seeing big improvements! My skin feels great, my skin tone is brighter and starting to even out, my open pores are reducing (ALOT) and my acne has disappeared! I'm finally starting to feel confident in my skin again, so much so that I've even been out a few times without make-up! The cleanser feels great, although I was originally concerned that the exfoliant in the cleanser wasn't strong enough. However that concern disappeared when I saw such big results so quickly. You only need a small amount, so the cleanser should last a long time. Really really love this product!
  93. Fantastic cleanser for sensitive/breakout-prone skin

    I love this cleanser! I’ve been using it for around 18months and my skin is the happiest it’s been in a long time.. Although this cleanser doesn’t ‘foam up’ like other cleansers I’ve used in the past, I feel like it removes residual makeup more effectively. I originally tried the L-Lactic Cleanser from this range but found that it didn’t do much for my breakouts; however this cleanser has reduced my breakouts significantly. Love it!
  94. Great cleanser!

    Can see it helping smooth out my pigmentation after 2 weeks.
  95. The Godfather of cleansers

    I cannot say enough about this product! I have been using skinstitut products for the last few years, and this one never fails to impress. Talk about the best skin I've ever had, plus a reduction in oil on my face. I recommend this product to all my friends.
  96. Great for congestion.

    This scrub has fast become my favourite, I have a oily combination skin and prone to blackhead congestion on my nose and chin. This scrub is so refining, decongesting and refreshing with the added benefit of purifying tea tree in it. I use this 1-2 times weekly and it keeps my skin so soft and clear.
  97. I N C R E D I B L E

    No words can describe how amazing this works . Cleared my skin up the fastest I’ve ever seen it . Doesn’t dry your skin out one bit ~ especially coming with oily skin, feels it works perfectly with mine. Would 100% recommend to anyone.
  98. Great for congestion. A product based on science. Love it.

    I use this once a day at night to remove make-up in the shower. It's like a gel which works well to clean skin especially if you leave it on for a few minutes to let it work. I think the glycolic really works to help remove dead skin and help prevent acne. You can leave a small amount on overnight to help clear up spots.

    Definitely would recommend for people to who believe in science!

  99. love it!

    Now on my second bottle. I was hesitant at first as I am used to lathering up my facial cleansers and having a foamy cleanser. But this has changed my cleansing routine, I use daily and find it gentle enough for my skin. Perhaps if you have sensitive skin every other day might be best.
    My skin is definitely clearer and smoother, I have found my holy grail cleanser for sure!
  100. Love this cleanser

    I love this cleanser you really feel it working I use it every other day due to highly sensitive skin
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